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Campbell's Electronics



How to Install the Harness

New instructions with COLphotos !

How difficult is it to install the Harness and do I need a mechanic to install it?

  1. Remove left side-cover (battery cover), seat and false tank.
  2. Remove the voltage regulator, solder the Harness to the regulator. 
  3. Solder the Harness to the 3 stator wires and main wiring harness
  4. Connect the Harness to the ignition coils. 
  5. Mount the Fuse Plate behind the battery
  6. Reconnect battery. 

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    Nine solder connections and a couple plug-ins. Really simple. 
  The Harness eliminates over 60 electrical connections but does so without destroying the stock harness and tearing the 
motorcycle down to the frame. On Aspencades and Interstates, it is not necessary to disassemble the cycle. 

If you are handy with soldering, it willl take about 30 minutes to 1 hour - a half a day for the less experienced. The instructions
are written by me with years of personal experience working on cycles, especially the GL's.  I've personally installed dozens
of The Harness and also had the instructions critiqued by riders, mechanics and an attorney. 

The Harness comes with complete Instructions and my e-mail should you have problems during installation.

I don't charge you for it like the
others selling "harnesses!" 
They include pay-for - assistance in the selling  price. 

Copyright 1992-2013 David R. Campbell. No one has permission to reproduce this information except SABER CYCLE to whom 
thanks are due for referring this page. There are no "authorized agents" nor anyone authorized by me to reproduce or sell 
The GL1200 Charging System Wiring Harness.