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An Unsolicited letter from a happy Goldwinger.

"Mr. Campbell

I bought a 1985 aspencade that had not run for three years and was stored outside under a tarpaulin. During the course of refurbishing it I found the stator connector plug melted and I eliminated it.

After getting the bike back in running condition which involved rebuilding the carburetion system as well as a lot of other work I found it lacked the power that I felt the bike should have along with erratic idling and surging at normal cruise settings. I m pretty good with a wrench and I was very careful to precisely sync the carbs and drill the plugs and reset the jetting screws per the manual. I was sure I had done the carb work correctly. I also had so much noise in the sound system it was nearly unusable. I did some research on the internet and came across an article on your Campbell harness. 

I purchased one and installed it. First of all it was well designed and the workmanship and quality was first class. The instructions were clear and concise and easy to follow. After it was installed I found the problems with the erratic idle and surging had completely disappeared. This was my first wing so I wasn t sure what to expect in the way of power but as I said I felt like it should have more than I was getting. It really came alive, the low end torque is much improved and it pulls strong throughout the entire power band. And as an added bonus the radio static has been eliminated.

I would recommend the harness to anyone with an older Goldwing. Good work Mr. Campbell you have a fine product.

Ron Edwards, Julian Ca."


And, a little note from a Do It Yourselfer who just proves it all over...  Wanna do it yourself? Unlike many others, I could care less if you DIY - in fact, I encourage DIY as much as possible, ESPECIALLY when it comes to repairs. Unlike "others," I'm not in this for the money, or I'd charge $50 like the rest. I'm in it for the RIDERS.

The Harness, and a total repair of the GL problems, is not quite as simple as what this man did, but he has enough technical experience to figure the rest out.

"Hi David, I've taken your advice and rewired the coils as you told me. I happen to have the real Honda GL1200 shop manual with all of the electrical wiring diagrams. I also happen to be an electrician and a pretty good control tech. After your last letter I started tracing out the stock wiring and you are correct. It sucks! After going to your web site a number of times and reading about your harness and all of the different wiring crimps and redirection of voltage that Honda does at the factory I thought your way of thinking had to be much better. So here is what I did. All of the wiring that I did was with #12 stranded wire. The three yellows from the stator I soldered three new wires eliminating the harness. Made sure the wires are all the same length and soldered them to there proper place on the regulator. The red wire on the regulator I brought directly to the battery. The black and white wire at at the coils I disregarded and ran a new wire directly to the battery. The blue/yellow and the yellow/blue wires coming from the ICU which control the coil I cut and soldered by passing the plug in harness at the ICU. I just got back from a ride on the bike. I have to tell you, not only did the miss go away but the bike has a lot more power now! This thing is sick! I thought I was on a different bike for a minute. Before I was getting 14.4 at the battery. I just took a reading and I'm getting 14.4 at the rear tail lights. So listen man, I realize your probably thinking to your self that you lost a harness sale but I have to ask for a favor. Is there any thing else I should re wire and solder instead of using the stock Honda connectors on my bike. I know this is a stretch me asking you for more help but I can tell you are the best and most knowledgeable out there and I trust you. So from one GL1200 man to another, what else would you do? Thank you very much for getting me in the right direction with my bike. I was thinking about trading it in for a 2006 Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad cruiser, but not any more. Awaiting your reply, Scott."

I don't charge for it like the others selling "harnesses!"
They include pay-for- a$$i$tance charge$ in the $elling  price.

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