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What about the "other harnesses on the Internet?"

  There are other Internet sites claiming to "have invented the Harness", and they sell their copies of my invention
for about $ 50.00. Heres what you'll get from them:

  • pay twice what it's worth
  • a copy of one of my early harness designs that  used an ignition relay that can fail from vibration (see below)
  •  crimped connectors to fail. Crimped connectors are the original problem, why add more problems?
  • pay for technical or installation help 

Buy from me and:

  • Get the ORIGINAL DESIGN, invented, and tested by me, a Goldwinger
  • No mass-produced crimp connections to fail, eliminating 'electrical connection' failures
  • Get top quality, hand made merchandise designed by me, made by me, inspected by me in the US
  • I can diagnose your Goldwing over the phone or E-mail - they cant. I know everyting there is to know   about the harness and the Goldwing electrical system - they don't.

    To my customers FREE TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE WITH INSTALLATION - I don't charge for   installation assistance like the others selling "harnesses!" They hide pay-for - assistance charges in the selling  price.
About the ignition relay.

One of the 'competitors' took my Harness then tried to claim he had 'invented it,' Worse, he is claiming the Harness must have an ignition relay. Early on, I assumed the same thing. So, I designed a version of the Harness with ignition relay about 1992, installed one on my GL1200, only to have it fail immediately due to vibration. Also, adding a relay required four more crimp connectors. The mistake was that there was no need for a relay, and I knew enough about ignition system design to prove it, and to know why it isn't needed. This requires engineering knowledge of electronics and ignition systems, and is far beyond  the capacity of the mechanics that have "borrowed" the harness and called it their own.

When the relay armature sticks open from bouncing or vibration, the cycle will lose ignition power
 and the engine will die! It happened to me on a good quality, expensive Bosch relay.

The GL1100/1200 solid state ignition unit already has a solid state relay inside, why add another one?

© 1992-2006 David R. Campbell.
No one has permission to reproduce this information except SABER CYCLE to whom thanks are due
for referring this page. There are no "authorized agents" nor anyone authorized by me to reproduce or
sell The GL1200 Charging System Wiring Harness™.